Printed Labels

  Minimum Order:  
  MOQ for Printed labels is 1000 Pcs  
  Lead Time :  
  Sampling: 2-4 days Production: 5-9 days

Tafetta / Satin Acetate Printed:

Our Taffeta or Satin Acetate printed labels are printed on a nylon based material. This material is synthetic but has the look and feel of real satin pure white material. These are the labels that you would see in furniture, pillows and soft toys too. They are non-tearable, very sturdy and can withstand a lot of washes. It holds printed ink better than cotton. These labels are popular for their excellent durability (withstands harsh treatment) and affordable price thus making them ideal for simple wash care labels.

Satin Printed:

Satin printed labels are the most sought after label for infant clothing and lingerie. They are ideal when you have a small detailed artwork / logo requiring clarity. These labels are very soft with flexible corners and is not scratchy. On the downside Sometimes a harsh laundry detergent or bleach could fade them after multiple washing. Even if the washing didn't wear them out, other factors like skin oil and regular wear and tear can cause the printed label to fade.

Cotton Printed:

Our range of cotton printed labels are known for their superior quality, fine details and durability. 100% cotton base is used for printing these labels. They are soft and holds up to washing very well. We supply these labels in roll form. If you cut them and sew as a straight heat cut label, once sewn on the garment, they fray (2 sides will fray), giving it a more natural casual look. If you insert these labels in a seam and sew them as center folded labels, they do NOT fray. You can choose from natural ivory raw cotton or a bleached white for the ground color. We also offer 100% cotton canvas base printing. The fabric is 100% cotton and has a tight weave. The look is very similar to that of an artist’s painting canvas. We can supply them in any type of fold. Straight heat cut labels will fray on two sides and if you insert them in a seam as a center fold label, they do NOT fray. These labels exhibit a natural casual, worn look. Yet another green option.

Woven Edge Satin Printed:

They are the same as satin printed but the edges are neatly finished with a woven pattern. They are very smooth against the skin and is ideal for baby clothing and lingerie. This is an added feature to the satin printed label.