Speciality Label

  Minimum Order:  
  MOQ for Woven labels is 300 Pcs  
  Lead Time :  
  Sampling: 1-3 days Production: 4-8 days

Shinny yarn

If you are looking to make your label stand out and have an added appeal than the rest, We have a few options to make your label more attractive. You can use shinning yarn and you can choose from the two kinds we have. One is the regular shinny yarn and the other is the metallic lurex yarn. The first one has a subtle sheen while the later has an eye popping glitter. It sparkles. See pictures below for comparison. These yarns come in a wide range of colors.

Textured Pattern

Another option to give a special touch is to add textured pattern to the background or base of the label. See samples below.

Stiff labels

Certain projects require special backing material to be added to the label. This makes the label stiffer and easier to sew on. In that case, we treat the labels with special starch or add a backing material to the label. This makes sewing the label on, much easier and saves a lot of frustration. See samples below

Natural Yarn

Natural bamboo yarn labels are available for those of you wishing to go green. Available only in a natural beige color. The base of the label will still be polyester.