Tagless Heat Transfers

  Minimum Order:  
  MOQ for Tagless transfers is 100 Pcs  
  Lead Time :  
  NO Sampling: Production: 4-8 days

Now, the latest trend in the market is Tagless Labels. These labels are gaining popularity for a lot of interesting reasons.

** There is no physical label hanging so no irritation or scratch.
** These labels cannot be cut off and disposed. Hence the brand is on the garment for its entire life.
** This works well on knitted material too as it stretches along with the fabric and does not crack.
** They are very easy to apply with a standard heat press.

We can do a simple screen printed tagless label to process color printed tagless label. It can be for the neck of a t-shirt or the entire front of the t-shirt, we can get it done just right.

If it is for the neck of a t-shirt and you need size break up within the order, please ask as we can gladly quote. Our speciality is our low minimum order and the size break up with in that.