We now offer full relabelling service. We can professionally replace the manufacturers original label with your personalized label. The result is a flawless label switch, creating a garment which is part of your very own branded clothing range. Relabelling doesn't have to be restricted to the inner neck. There are many possible placements for your labels. These can be inserted into a garment side seams, to the bottom hem, the cuffs, or even the pockets. We maintain the highest standards, meaning that the integrity of your brand is in safe hands. We can supply you with the labels or you can provide your own.

The different Re-labelling options available are:

Cut and Sew: Widely used re-labelling method is Cut and sew. The existing neck label is cut out flush with the collar and your custom label is sewn in place. This method is cheaper

Unpick and Sew: We carefully unpick the existing label (removing the old label entirely), insert and sew your custom label in its place. Unpicking labels is a lengthy procedure and has to be done with utmost care. Hence this method is a little more expensive but the whole of the label is removed leaving a very neat and tidy finish, as if the garment was manufactured with your label on.

Hem tags: Hem labels are normally positioned on the bottom hem line or sleeve hem. These labels wrap around the hem and is attached with one line of stitch leaving a quality look. Hem tags truly add value to a garment and creates a complete look.

Leather / PVC patches: We specialize in attaching leather patches to your hats or garments. Our special machine can reach even the toughest spot and we can sew them on just right.

Swing Tagging: Garments can also be swing tagged, if required, to complete the total re-branding. We make swing tags as well.

Minimum Order Quantity: There is no minimum order quantity for re-labelling. We can sew as few as you like. We usually make a strike off for your approval. Pictures will be sent of 1-2 re-labelling garment. The order will be completed after the strike off is approved. We can return your labels back or store them with us for future orders.

Pricing:Costs for garment re-labelling depends on the type of label, ease of application and the quantity. To provide an accurate quote, please send these details to us and we can quote instantly.