Stuffed Labels

  Minimum Order:  
  MOQ for Woven labels is 300 Pcs  
  Lead Time :  
  Sampling: 1-3 days Production: 4-8 days

We specialize in labels for T-shirts. Neck tags and hem tags are our forte. Center fold labels are widely preferred for the neck labels as the back side can be used for the wash care details.

Neck labels can be done in two ways. With a top sean allowance of 7mm to insert into a seam as you sew or with a 4mm seam allowance if you plan to top sew the label. That is a vital information required so the appropriate seam allowance can be accounted for

A list of wash care symbols and details are included in the GUIDE section. Please refer if required so you can include the appropriate ones for your garment. There is NO standard wash care detail, as they differ from material to material. So this is also an information which has to be supplied to us if you decide to have them on. NO extra charge for include these information in the back. Tip: Try to keep is short and simple so it looks neat and legible. Choose a common rounded font so it is legible and serves the purpose.

Zipper Pulls

Lastly, if you need to have a size split in your order, YES we can do that. There is an additional charge of $15 for each size that you require besides the first one. Alternatively you could also get the standard size tags and sew them on. We hold them in stock and they are $30 for 1000 of them. (Having the sizes woven in gives an additional professional touch)

We can also make SATIN PRINTED neck labels. They have a shine and gives a rich look. When compared to woven labels, printed labels life is not as good.