PVC Silicone Patches

  Minimum Order:  
  MOQ for pvc silcon is 300 Pcs  
  Lead Time :  
  Sampling: 5-7 days Production: 6-8 days

An alternative to the traditional labeling like woven labels and hangtags are Silicone and PVC labels. PVC and Silicone labels are excellent products when you want to enhance the look of your product and are widely used in high end products. They are ideal for outdoor wear, bags, sports jersey and industrial garments. The wildest colors and designs can be used to differentiate your brand from the mass market. These labels have an advantage not only because of their looks but also because of the resistance of the material. It is waterproof, persistent to washing and very flexible. We make a mould and several colors can be injected as per requirement.

  • What is PVC Labels?
       PVC is the abbreviation of Polyvinyl Chloride. When compared to the Silicone labels, PVC is less mallable and slightly    cheaper. Good to know that these labels are recyclable.
  • What is Silicone Labels?
       Silicone labels are less toxic than the PVC labels. The are more mallable and hence you can acheive a great amount    of detail in a small label. We can color match to your specific need. These labels are also recyclable.
  • How to apply them?
       You sew both labels in the same manner. There will be ditch or a sewing gutter around the perimeter of the label and    you sew in there. Special needles are available with most seamstress and sewing them on is pretty simple.