Iron on Labels

  Minimum Order:  
  MOQ for Woven labels is 300 Pcs  
  Lead Time :  
  Sampling: 1-3 days Production: 4-8 days

Iron on labels are a great alternative if you do not want to sew the labels on. These labels are made in the normal process and as a final step, special glue is applied to the back. They come with a paper backing to keep the labels nice and good till you use them.  Your can use your home iron box to heat press the label. Initially you need to play around with a few labels to determine the optimum setting temperature for your base material. Lot of customers prefer iron on labels , while others rely more on the sew on labels, as there is always that one extra added advantage... strong SEAM!

How to apply them on?
Choose a spot on your clothing to apply the label and place it there. Place a small piece of baking paper over label. Adjust the iron to stage 2 and / or cotton setting, NO steam! Please do not forget to follow the care instructions for your specific clothes. Place the iron on top of the baking paper for approx.20-40 seconds with small movements. After ironing please let the labels cool down for 1-2 minutes. The adhesion of the label on the clothing differs from project to project. It depends on the underground material. You can try to adjust the setting if you are not satified with the result. Play around with a few labels to find the best result that suits you. Clothes with iron-on labels are washable up to 30°C.